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Last updated: February 2018

For Sale

Viva HC, Magnum and Firenza bodywork repair sections

Hand made repair sections available include:

  • Windscreen Washer Bottle mount
  • Outer chassis repair section around gearbox mount
  • Inner chassis repair section around gearbox mount
  • Heater Plenum cover lower mounting rail
  • Battery Tray

While restoring my Sportshatch, I've had to make quite a few different repair sections. I've still got templates for everything I've made, and would be happy to talk about making these for others. Some are more difficult than others, some would probably not be possible without the car to check them against. But there are some that I feel could be done and maybe save time (and possibly cost) for someone else.

So far I've had some success with the HC Windscreen Washer Bottle bracket, and the bulkhead cover lower mounting rail. This latter piece is the curved section that runs along the top of the bulkhead, and is used to fix the bottom of the bulkhead cover in place. I supply it in three sections that you can join together, as much to make it easy to post as anything else. It welds behind the side mount panels, then curves forward to spotweld at the top of the bulkhead panel just in front of the heater / ventilation fan.

This is the Windscreen Washer Bottle bracket:

HC Windscreen Washer Bottle Bracket

This is the centre section of the Bulkhead lower mounting, usually this would be a little shorter and the curved sections would be part of the side pieces.

HC bulkhead cover mounting

Another recent panel is the chassis rail section near to the gearbox mounts. On the HC, this is a double section where the back end of the panel that runs from the front panel down the bulkhead overlaps the front section of the "lonigtudonal member" that runs along the underside of the car to the back panel. There's an overlap of around 31cm which provides additional strength to form the rear engine and gearbox support, but the double skin also encourages corrosion between the two panels leading to holes. Back in the day, a cover panel would "repair" the area by covering it with 20g steel, but I can produce a reasonable copy of the offending length, in 18g steel (as per original), to carry out a proper repair. The inner section is not handed, the outer section is different for nearside and offside. The photo below shows the outer repair section, placed around an inner section to check that it fits correctly.

HC chassis rail repair

As well as the above, I've also recently supplied a complete battery tray to a restorer. It comes with no holes drilled, so you'll need to add those in if you want to use the standard battery retaining bracket and mount the fusible links on the tray. I also don't drill the holes on the front edge, not least because I can't really see what they're for - the various electrical earths go on the chassis rail, further down.

Prices are reasonable and take into account that these are hand made and there will inevitably be some minor hammer marks and the like, get in touch if you need anything.

HP Firenza Inner Wheel Bearing

I have a number of this bearing available for sale at a reasonable price, either singly or in pairs. As you can see from the photo below, these have been in storage since they were made in 1977 and have a small amount of light surface rust in some places. I believe (and will confirm) that this will come off with a light going over with WD40 and a very fine abrasive. Contact me for price and P&P details.

HPF Inner Wheel Bearing

Various Viva HC chrome bumpers

I have a number of standard chrome bumpers available. These have been taken off various cars that I have broken over the years. None have good rubber strips in them, in fact most are not drilled for strips as they are off base model cars. New rubber strip can be sourced from Stuart at and glued in place. Offers.

New Old Stock Parts

I have a small quantity of some new-old-stock parts that came from a local trader who closed down recently. These seem to have been sourced from various main agents over a period of time, I have managed to identify some but not all of them. I'm adding them to the list below as I get chance. Please contact me using the link below if you are interested in any of them.

Part NumberDescription
2714049CLIP (double), brake pipe to dash, RHD, Viva HC OHV
6322451NUT, special, lower arm to crossmember, Bedford CA
6327261VALVE, exhaust, engine 78000-416961, 92", 97" petrol engine, Bedford CA
6329883NUT and retainer assy, front panel side to front panel lower, Bedford CA
6390311OIL SEAL, crankshaft rear bearing, Bedford CA 92" or 97" petrol engine
7080787WASHER, thrust, crankshaft standard, Bedford CA 92" or 97" petrol engine
7161698BUSH, assy, screwed, lower suspension arm, Bedford CA
7200919Seat Cover. Suggested as fitted to Bedford TK / TL models EOTOOCO, EOVOOCO, HRX3. 1977 and around

More to come


If you're interested in any of the items above, please use the Contact me page to get in touch. For obvious reasons I don't want to put my email address on the web site in plain view. Note that I don't look at email all the time so it may be a couple of days before I get back to you.